Thursday, 12 June 2014

... blogging before we leave Uzés ..


Days 54 - 56 Uzés and surrounds

1.  The gang of smalls
2 and 3.  Donut day
4.  Roman temple Nîmes
5.  The arena Nîmes
6.  Pretty goat's cheese at the markets
7 and 8.   Icecream experts in action

For one of the hottest days ever we drove to a water fun park(more of a pool). We stayed there for 6 hours basically on a doughnut ride that went round part of the pool. Mum thinks we went on it 75 times! Another hot day was spent at an arena where they used to do bull fighting and animal fighting. One fact is that they fed the people that had been sentenced to death to the lions. Disgusting! On Tuesday (another really hot day) we went to a pool that Dad wasn't allowed to swim in. Apparently a lot of French pools only let people wear tight bathers and Dads weren't tight. It was fun

For a nation known for its stylishness I'm not sure the French have got their pool rules sorted....budgie smugglers or tight boxers are not a look everyone can do well.  Or should.
And rashies are banned too... unless you are prepared to take on the whistle blowing life guards.  Although that's not surprising ... for a nation of hypochondriacs they smoke a lot, drink way too much coke and seem oblivious to the risk of UV.
While they did 75 rounds on the donuts ( I did manage about 15) we hired sun lounges (seriously - you have to pay extra to sit and watch your kids swim!) and read Harry #5 in its entirety (again) ...I'm not far behind Grace now who has almost finished The Half Blood Prince.  Simply can't get into Game of Thrones...any other recommendations??
We're all looking forward to Italy - more icecream, more pizza, more bolognaise....what's not to love?!!
We might even get Jack to try a gelati flavour other than citron.

On Monday we went to a water park.  FIrst we got changed in the change rooms.  Then we went on the donut ride.  I liked the donut ride because it had some slopes.  On the donut ride somtimes you span around on the first slope.  I fell off once but I didn't hurt myself.  I went on the donut ride about 70 times.  

This week it was so HOT.  We drove to a water park near Serviers. There was a donut ride.............. it was really fun.  Once when we were going round Jack and another boy we're trying to go down a little hill at the same time and at the bottom Jack's donut flipped over and scraped his ear................... it must have really hurt. 

It is amazing how 35 degree heat slows you down...body and soul.
Jack ate his 100th plate of bolognese last night and we have not been to Italy yet.  
No run ins with toll roads this week only the French bather police.
You can only swim in French public swimming pools with budgie smugglers on! 
Not my best look!
Leaving France( again) for a month in Italy. Our holiday clock is ticking so much faster.


  1. Embrace the local culture, David - get yourself a mankini!
    Beautiful photos.

  2. Do you know the rationale for the budgie smugglers policy?

  3. The water park sounds heaps of fun! I wish I was with you all at the moment.

  4. :-) :-) :-) :-)

  5. We are counting down the days 'til we go to Antibes (Cote d'Azur). Your blog pics are fab. Sorry Jack - the markets are the best :-)

  6. Ali have you tried storm light archives? Or the name of the wind? Both excellent series. Unfortunately not finished as yet.