Monday, 16 June 2014

... cinque terre ...

Days 60 and 61 - walking the Cinque Terre

1.  Manorolo
2.  Up and up further
3.  Vernazza
4.  More gelati
5.  Corniglia
6.  Monterosso

Yesterday we did the 5 town walk.  When we went up the tracks there were loads of steps. On the rocks there were marks to show you were on the right track. The first walk was from Riomaggiore to Manarolo.  At Manarolo we had a look around and had icecream. My flavour was lemon. We caught the train to the next town which was called Corniglia. After we got off the train we had to walk up 443 steps. We had lunch there...I had spaghetti with tomato was yummy.  After that Daddy made us walk to Vernazza and then we caught the train home.  
Today we walked to Vernazza from a different town. At Vernazza we caught a water taxi to Riomaggiore. We had lunch there...we had seafood.  I had some squid and anchovies .. and some chips. This afternoon Daddy, Lily and Grace went for a swim but I didn't want to go.  

If you get the chance to visit The Cinque Terre, you MUST!
Although make sure your knees are ready for the descents, mine have more wear and tear than 18 years ago!

Yesterday we caught a train to Riomaggiore ( at the end of the Cinque Terre).  Then we walked up and down big hills ( it was tiring ) to the next town Manarola. We had a look around and found a gelateria (ice- cream shop).  We had two flavours.  No guessing what Jack had .. LEMON! Then we caught a train to Corniglia but we still had to walk up the hill to the town. We had lunch there...I had pesto pasta.   Then we had to walk to Vernazza. We had another icecream there...this time I had lemon! While eating we climbed on the rocks near the harbour. We caught a train back to Monterosso. When we got off the train Lily, Jack and I went the wrong way. On the way home we found a shop selling all lemon stuff...we had a lemon slushie was nice. 
Today we to Vernazza and caught a water taxi.  On the way one of the big boats made lots of waves...we had to stop and turn around so they hit us from behind. At Riomaggiore we walked to a seafood shop for lunch. The food was really yummy. Later I got to have my favourite gelati flavour again from Slurp... its mandarin and its delicious. 

Yesterday for a bit of exercise we caught a train to Riomaggiore which is at the end of the Cinque Terre. Then we walked up and down mountains (some of us were sweating like mad) to the next town Manarola. We had a look around and found a nice place for an ice cream. We had two flavours, I had melon and pineapple and no prizes for guessing what Jack had! Then when we had all finished, Jack had half of it on his face, we caught a train to Corniglia. Then up 443 steps to the town (the sign said there were 364!) We had lunch at a nice place and I had the yummiest pesto and pasta. The Caprese salad (mozzarella, tomato and basil) was amazing to.(I ate all mozzarella and no tomato) it's cool how they make it look like their flag. Then we started walking up through the mountains again towards Vernazza. The walk is tiring luckily we had biscuits packed in the bag or Jack might have perished! We finally made it to Vernazza. The town looks really lovely Mum took heaps of photos not to mention one of her cinnamon and strawberry ice cream against a pink wall. I was keen for a swim when we got back but we ended up not going caused by the looks of the weather. Today we walked the last walk from Monterosso (which is where we are staying) to Vernazza. We all thought that track was the busiest of them all because of the number of people on it. After the walk Grace, Dad and I had a swim at the beach before coming home. 
By the way if you count the number of scoops we beat three ice creams. 

18 years ago we walked between the 5 towns in a single day and celebrated with seafood and wine.  Since then the whole area has been included in the UNESCO world heritage listing and much of the easier coastal walking was washed away in the floods of 2011.  
Officially only the Vernazza <--> Monterosso part of the track is open...the goat trails we found up and down the hills near Manarolo and Corniglia are only for the brave (and those willing to bribe their children with gelati). 
It's still one of the most stunning and beautiful places I've ever been.  
I'm glad we're comfortable with bribes, slow walking, mineral water and a few moans. 


  1. looks amazing - you will be icecream/gelati experts by the time you get home!!
    Gorgeous wintery day here - blue sky, sun, no heat!!

  2. Notice how every blog page that you guys do, it says about the ice-creams?

  3. Are you keeping a diary & ratings of all the food & gelati / ice creams ?