Sunday, 1 June 2014

.... Freaking out in Figueres and on the trains ....

Salvador Dali was one weird but talented dude. Really enjoyed the museum in Figueres although I cannot imagine what happened the day one Davey St resident visited. (Lou described it as the happiest day in her life after her wedding day)????
Barcelona is a great city, again just great to walk around, but maybe a bit rough around the edges. Maybe my views coloured by the gun incident on the train and the panicked travellers. 
Enjoying a rest day of sun, pool and kids playground.... And a cold beer.

...cannot end without mentioning Margaret took me onto a toll road she did not know about. Even the best can get it wrong.


On Friday we set off in the car to the Dali Museum which is in Figueres.  It looked like it had giant size eggs on the roof.  The Museum had twenty-two rooms.  There were some really interesting sculptures.  One of my favourite sculptures was a face  to see it properly you had to look through a big magnifying glass which was tied to a plastic camel................  It looked funny.  
After we went to another part of the Museum to look at the jewels.  I had two favourites was the ruby lips had tiny little rubys for the lips and peals for the was really pretty. The other one was called the royal heart.  They had put a little movie of the heart was cool.  
Yesterday we caught a train to Barcelona.  At one stop the police had to come because someone had a gun.  When we got off the train at station Catalunya  we stated to wander.  We walked past lots of phone shops and Lily said "look there are flip phones" then mummy said "I remember when Grace watered my old flip phone because she thought it could grow".  
After that we saw a ice cream shop.  I got pistachio but I swapped it with Dad because I didn't really like mine.  When we were on the train home there was a man who was shouting.  
This morning when Dad was doing the washing he went into the girls toilets. 

On Friday we set off for the Dali museum. It looked like it had eggs on the top. One of my favourite sculptures was the raining car. It had a lady on top of it and sprinklers inside the car. Behind it was a big pole and on top of it was a boat that had big raindrops coming from the bottom. Inside the building Jack and Grace were copying the sculptures around the area. One of the disgusting things was Jesus on the cross which was made out of wax that looked really old. A couple of the things you could put a coin in and a picture or something else would unfold using machinery. It looked quite cool. 
There were 22 rooms and one of my favourites was a lady's face. It had two paintings for eyes, a gold nose, red lips and lots of hair. We had to wait in a really long line to go up the stairs and look through a big magnifying glass to see the face properly. 
Once we had looked at all of them we went into a couple of rooms that had the Dali jewels in them. Some of them had moving things in them. One example was a brooch shaped as a heart and was beating like a real heart. It looked almost real. 
Inside the gift shops there were all sorts of things even stuff that had nothing to do with the museum or the art. 
On Saturday we went to Barcelona. The train was soooooo slow. At one point we stopped for ages and no one knew why. We found out that someone had tried to take a lady's bag and when she said stop the man pulled out a gun. It was scary not knowing what was going on. Then later a man who looked like he was drunk or had some mental issue hopped on the train. Then suddenly he started shouting at a group of people for no good reason. Grace got really scared. 
We got off the train and started wandering around the small streets. Then when everyone started saying they were hungry we looked for a tapas bar for lunch. After searching and searching we finally found the bar. We all shared a few dishes, including a traditional tomato bread, bits of potato in a tomato sauce and sour cream, nachos, olives and potato omelette thing. My favourite two were the patatas brava (pieces of potato) and the tomato bread. 
Then we wandered again and when we found Desigual we had a look inside. When we came out everybody but Dad had bought something. I bought a t-shirt with a pinky reddy floral thing on it. It looks good. At the moment we are looking for new gel pens. So far we have not been successful. Today in the morning Dad came back from the public bathroom saying " guess what, after 5 days of being here I still don't know which one is the men's bathroom!" Mum said he is really embarrassing. 

On Friday we went to the Dali Museum and there was a statue  that was a car.
Inside the car it could rain.
Today Daddy went into the girls toilets. He has been here 5 days and has just worked it out.

ps ... everyone knows Spanish stick figures are very confusing

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  1. Jack, you make us laugh! Alfie & Amelia xx

  2. Ok - so I'm figuring We'll need a case just for shoes ....
    Another great blog post, thanks guys!

  3. Amazing photos and updates ! A Maggie guided Dr with a purple toe nail should understand international stick figure language/etiquette - embarrassing !

  4. Need to see photos of the stick figures!

  5. I like the poppies!

  6. Grace, I don't blame you for feeling a bit creeped out on the train! I would have fainted!