Wednesday, 23 April 2014

... and that was Helsinki ...

Day 6 Helsinki to London

3 days of clear blue skies, day temps in the high teens and glistening seas surrounding beautiful bays and tiny islands. I am assured Helsinki is not always like this. 

What I will remember about this city is how the cars and bicycles share the road respectfully, how great their trams are and, when Jack's legs allowed it, how easy it is to walk anywhere. The Finns amazed me with how quickly they could switch from Finnish to English without thinking almost and how they had no issue with a family of 5 with no no other language skills apart from English. 

The Finland wrap highlights:

Jack - sweet buns (at the Engel cafe this morning) and the Sibelius monument
Grace - cinnamon scrolls and the bus tour on the double decker bus
Lily - mango and passion fruit sorbet (from the plaster lady) and the bus tour
Al - the salmon from the harbour street stalls and wandering the old town design area
David - apple donuts and the food markets

Big thanks to Mark and Jacki for suggesting we start our adventure in Helsinki
Julia...please note that Al will have edited this first. 

Now for Heathrow and Legoland (who suggested that??)



  1. You are so welcome! Glad you like it as much as we do.

  2. Ps: Dave H - I got a mention before you did! ;-). (Though, admittedly by David, not Alison....)

  3. LOVE the way everyone's first highlight is a food!

  4. Unless it's from the horse's mouth it doesn't count:). That being said, it sounds like a terrific time is being had by all with further adventures still to be had.
    Happy travels.