Monday, 21 April 2014

... the longest day ...

Day 4 - Melb to Singapore and beyond

Today we got up sooo early to go to Melbourne airport to get on a plane to Singapore. The photo on the bottom is of a butterfly at the butterfly garden at the airport in Singapore.  Mummy took some great photos but we didn't stay for too long because it was soooo hot in there and what made it worse was that we had clothes on for Helsinki which is like 5 degrees so we were sweating like mad! 
After we left the butterfly garden Jack went crazy because he thought we were meant to go on the plane but actually it was hours away. The photo in the middle is of us waiting hours with endless trips to the bathroom. When we finally got on the plane and up in the air Jack took a photo of out the window. I cant wait for London but I'm not looking forward to the flight.


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  1. I miss you but it sounds like your having fun