Tuesday, 22 April 2014

... when we found skellington ...

Day 6 - Helsinki

Today we walked and walked for ages and we also went to five diffrent playgrounds. 
Lily, Jack and I played a following game. Later we found a skeleton on one of the playground fences.    We named him Skellington.  We are going to use him in some of our photos.

Jack cut his finger while opening a gate. We didn't have anything to put on it and we asked the lady at the ice cream stand if she had bandaid and she didn't know what that was - but she gave us what she called a plaster....same thing!  We all had ice cream I got a puffet but I swapped it with dad because I thought his tasted better.  On the way back mum kept sitting us on a wall to take photographs.  

In the last picture you can see that we had waffles, strawberries and cream for lunch. But dad had possumunki donut (minced meat in a donut) - none of us liked it much.



  1. Love your adventures so far, and especially that between 2 doctors there wasn't a plaster between you 😝

  2. Those waffles look delicious please bring one back to hobart for me :)