Saturday, 19 April 2014

...last day ....

Day 3 - Melbourne

In what can only be seen as an omen of things to come we got completely lost today trying to catch a bus and a tram to the South Melbourne markets.  Even though the maps and helpful strangers were speaking our language.  Happy ending though - we got there and found amazing canoli and got home without incident!

Tomorrow we fly to Singapore and then onto Helsinki.  I am, not so secretly, dreading it.  The children still think it will be fun.  I think David plans to sleep the whole way.

What we are looking forward to the most (today's version - it does tend to change daily) 

          Grace - climbing the Eiffel Tower and taking a selfie
           Lily - Harry Potter world
          Jack - Japan - but we're not going there so he settled for EuroDisney
          David - the small walled villages in France
          Me - it should be Spain because I've never been there but really I can't wait to wander round 
          Florence and Paris again.

We're leaving Autumn behind and heading for Spring.
We cannot wait!


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