Friday, 18 April 2014

....meeting Charlie for the very first time ...

Day 2 - Melbourne

Still in Australia - it's taking a long time to say goodbye

We stayed with some old friends last night and woke up to noisy children eating chocolate cake and Easter eggs for breakfast while they made (even more) loom bands.  Lots of gossip, cups of tea and dance video making (that taco song is stil going round in my head).

This afternoon we packed up all those red cases again and moved a couple of suburbs closer to town and finally the children had the chance to meet their new(ish) cousin.  Charlie was most obliging - he smiled at the right times and didn't object (much) to being treated like a living doll. There's something special about cousins.



  1. Yes, and something special about old friends. Enjoy! X

  2. You must be getting very excited - good luck on the flight :)