Friday, 25 April 2014

... Legoland ...

Day 7 - Legoland

The Legoland hotel, themed to within an inch of its life and full of screaming children was not a good harbinger of the actual park (David states we were definitely taking one for the team)...and then I read the trip adviser reviews and was really worried but the park itself was great. 

The queues were small, the rides varied enough and perfect for our somewhat timid (when it comes to scary rides) family and the mini land Lego 
simply stunning. 

And in their words; 

Jack ... I liked mini land best. I saw the London Eye, the Eiffel Tower and a train station. I didn't know you could make all of that out of Lego. The best ride was the one at the end where you had to pull yourself up. At the traffic part I had to pretend to be 6 to drive the car...Grace drove on the wrong side of the road! I didn't like the little roller coaster, I shut my eyes the whole way. The train at the end was good too, you got to see Legoland from it. 

Grace ... My favourite ride was called the dragon.  It was a big roller coaster .  At first I didn't really want to go but at the end I really wanted to go again.  At the start when we went to the traffic part I was crossing the at the intersection then I started driving on the wrong side of the road...mummy said I was practicing for France. I loved mini land too, my favourite bits were the trains running on the tracks. 

Lily ... My favourite rides were the Jolly rocker and the Dragon. The jolly rocker was a big boat that was swinging quite high. Only me and daddy were brave enough to go on it. The Dragon was a big roller coaster that went down two steep hills. It was freaky but fun at the same time. 

David's only comment was that he's not teaching Grace how to drive. 

(All of us)


  1. Mini Lego land looks brilliant!!!! Themed hotel sounds not so brilliant.... Mini Lego Hobart on your return?!

  2. This is going to be so much fun!!! x

  3. It looks way better than the Lego City we have in our house I sent lily some photos

  4. Lego presents for uncle duly purchased no doubt