Sunday, 27 April 2014

~ in Jane Austen country ~

Day 8 and 9 - Bath 

Bath is incredibly uniform - in appearance and charm. Loads of gorgeous streetscapes, impressive gardens and impossibly quaint corners at every turn.  And a fabulous play area in the Queen Victoria Park - complete with squirrels.

We were lucky enough to stay on the Circus in our own little apartment under my aunt's house.  We were not lucky enough to avoid the very English damp and drizzle  - the moments of sunshine were few and far between.

I remember visiting the baths on a school trip in the 1970s (from my school in Bristol - not Tasmania!) and being super impressed  - and Lil, Grace and Jack were too.  They had their own audio tour and were fascinated by all the information (and all the buttons) - particularly that the whole complex is 10 times older than the day that white men first landed in Australia (and we thought the roofless church at Port Arthur was old!!)  Grace was the only one brave enough to try the waters (said to have healing properties)  - her verdict  - "disgusting!"

Onward now to Benenden (where we lived for a year in 1996) and London.

Pictures are 1.     The Circus - just near our apartment -  reading for a day of exploring
                    2,3.  Touring the baths
                    4.     The Royal Crescent
                    5,6.   In Vivienne's secret garden


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