Friday, 9 May 2014

... best breakfast ever ...

Day 22 and 23 ... Paris -> Langeais -> Monpazier

The real adventuring started on Thursday. 

We picked up Pablo (the C4 Picaso) and almost immediately were in trouble. They only put in enough diesel to get you to the nearest service station (about 400m away) but we missed the exit and we heading towards Versailles with no fuel and no clue!! Disaster was averted (but we had the whole gazole vs SP 95  what the hell do they mean debate) and then we turned around and headed (on the right right side of the road) to the Loire Valley. 

Then, in what may be greatest blunder of the trip so far, and perhaps the whole trip, we had our one and only night in Langeais last night. Just below a picturesque chateau in a pretty village in the Loire Valley in one of the loveliest  B and Bs I've ever seen. 

This morning we woke to a beautifully set French antique table - with the biggest and best continental breakfast any of us have ever seen. We feasted and feasted some more, had a quick wander and then set off for another hair-raising and white knuckle (at times) trip through the countryside. 

And in their words;

Before we picked up the car we all had to guess what colour it would be. I guessed green. Mummy got it was silver. We had the kids meal for dinner...chips with loads of tomato sauce, nuggets, orangina and smartie icecreams. Breakfast was great...I had 5 crepes. The trip to Monpazier took 5 hours. On the trip Daddy couldn't count to two and made the wrong exit on the round about. At the road toll, Daddy had to try 3 credit cards. 

Before we picked up the car we had to guess what colour it would be. I guessed blue but it was silver. 
For breakfast this morning I had 4 crepes, a croissant, half a mandarin and a hot chocolate. It was all delicious.
We left Langeais and drove to Monpazier, it took over 5 hours. At the road toll, David tried 3 cards (including mummy's Medicare card) because he couldn't make the machine work. 

Today we picked up our car which Mummy named Pablo. Except the only problem was there was hardly any petrol left in it. Luckily the lady gave us a map to where the petrol station was. So we hopped in the car with all our luggage and drove off. We found it eventually thankgoodness. 
When we arrived in Langeais we took all our luggage upstairs. We were staying in a bed and breakfast place which was good because we didn't have to walk endlessly looking for food. Our room was so cute!! Teddy bears everywhere. For breakfast I had 4 crepes, a kiwi fruit, a croissant, hot chocolate and an orange juice. It was delicious!!!!!!! 
Today we left Langeais and drove to Monpazier. It was 5 hours and no one slept! Near the start Daddy had to put a credit card in the slot thingy. But it didn't work so in the end he used 2 credit cards and Mummy's Medicare card! It was pretty funny. Mummy was a great navigator and was more patient then the GPS when Daddy mucked up. The funniest thing Daddy did was when both the GPS and Mummy told him to take the fourth exit he took the third. Just because he can't count. 
We finally arrived where we were staying. Jacks happy with the marshmallow bed and me and grace are in the attic. Hope it's comfortable and glad that tomorrow we aren't doing anything big. 

London and Paris were great for all the reasons people love them but it was a relief to leave the masses of people and drive into the French country side. 
A brand new Citreon with 3 km on the odometer, a push button ignition and a steering wheel on the wrong bl... side.
700 km in two days with a few curb hits, two round about issues and a major melt down at the end of a toll motorway was my induction into driving on the other side of road. Definitely saved by a brilliant navigator and my 5 year old policeman in the back seat.
Love the Dordogne already.


  1. How divine! I'm glad you went with the Picasso and not the little C4 we have.

  2. How many croissants did David eat?

  3. Why did Al take her Medicare card to Europe?

  4. Sounds like a better breakfast than at chateaux Byrne ;)

  5. The B&B looks awesome, not to mention the breakfast, sets a high standard for the rest of the adventure.......your toll gate challenges sound all too familiar!!!

  6. Poor daddy must have needed a stiff drink after all that! Good to have some stories to tell :-)

  7. Ruby Lucy and Holly are loving the updates and the food experiences ! They cannot wait until the E Tower is painted pink :) Keep the updates coming we love them - and miss you all xx