Tuesday, 6 May 2014

... city of love ...


Days 16, 17, 18, 19, 20  - Paris (we've been busy!)

This week we went to the lock bridge which is across The River Seine in Paris. It was amazing to see all the locks on the bridge there must have been in the millions!!!! People write or engrave their's and their partner's names to show their love for each other then when the have put the lock on they drop the key into the river. There were all different sizes and shapes of locks lots of them were small and square but some of them were big and were shaped like love hearts and other things like that. 

The bottom picture is of us at Monet's garden. It was just beautiful all the flowers and the bridge in his painting was just like the real thing. We took so many photos Mummy used up two batteries!! Jack took a lot too,something like 100 or more. 

The middle picture is of Mummy and Daddy next to the Eiffel Tower. It was amazing the views you could get. I think Jack got a bit scared near the top because he wanted to walk up the stairs not the lift. Daddy said he got queasy when people stuck their heads out the fence so I did it front of him just for fun. I can't wait till we hire a car so we don't have to walk everywhere and so Jack doesn't moan. 


Today we went to the lock bridge which is across The River Seine in Paris.  In year 2000 about 2000 locks disappeared from the bridge overnight - they never found out how or why.  We bought a lock to put on the bridge  - it had all our names on it.  Lily, Jack and I each had a key to throw into the Seine. Lily's didn't fall in though - it landed on one of they pylons.  Near the bridge were some artists painting people's names using animals and buildings for letters - the pictures looked fantastic.  

At Monet's garden we saw heaps and heaps of flowers.  We got an ice cream at the end - mine was lemon/basil - it took me about 5 minutes to eat it - it was delcious.  

Yesterday we went up the Eiffel Tower.  I'd been looking forward to it for soooooo long.  We caught the lift to the second level and then another one to the top.  Our guide told us that the Eiffel Tower was red when it was first built.  She told us we could vote for what colour they paint it next - I would choose pink.


I really liked Monet's gardens because there were lots of beautiful flowers.  I took more that 100 pictures on daddy's phone.  I wish I had my own camera.  At the end we all had icecream.  My flavour was chocolate.
The other day we walked to the Eiffel Tower.  We went to the park just near and played hide and seek.  
Yesterday we waited on the corner for our tour.  We were in the blue group.  On the Eiffel Tower the first lift went to the second level. Then we had a look around the second level before we went to the top.  It was very high.  
On the lock bridge there were lots of locks.  I thought there were about 99999.  
On the boat we went on today we went under 27 bridges. Under one of them we got to make a wish.  



  1. Jack doesn't have a camera????!!!!! Love the photos and updates... Keep them coming! Charlie sleeping on me :)

  2. I love today's blog entry. The boys say hi, and all think you should buy jack a camera or an iPod ;)