Monday, 19 May 2014

... San Sebastián ...


Days 31 - 33 San Sebastián 

After dinner we walked down to the beach. The sun was just going down. It was very bright. 
At the beach there were loads of people. There was hardly any place to play soccer. When we got there, Grace and me went straight into the water. It was a bit cold. After that Grace and I were playing a game where you couldn't touch the foamy bits. Then we were swimming. 

Yesterday it was really hot.  We went down to the beach. There were millions of people. The tide was out really far.  We were right at the top of the beach so we had to run a long way.  As soon as we got there Jack and I went straight down to the water ( it was a bit cold ).  It took Lily a few minutes to decide if she wanted to come in with Jack and I ( but she said yes ).  Someone  had made a sculpture of the Simpsons.... It was really cool.  When we came back to the hotel we had a shower, then we left again we went down to the merry-go-round.  You had to get a ticket ( they were about 1. 50 each). Daddy paid for them. 

On Saturday afternoon we walked down to the beach. There was a big couch made out of sand with Simpsons on it. It was quite amazing. Grace and Jack swam in their clothes but I didn't want to.daddy said they should have stripped down to their undies. Only the parents thought it was a good idea.  Even though the water looked nice I didn't want to walk home with no towel dripping wet. After having showers at our apartment we went out for dinner at a Tapas bar. You got to choose some snacks off the counter or order a meal. One of the things we chose was a special ham roll. Jack loved it!  After dinner we all had an ice cream. I had mango. It was delicious. As we were walking home we saw an amazing sunset!!Yesterday it was so hot! We got our bathers and towels and walked down to the beach. Grace and Jack hopped straight in but I took some convincing to go in. It was nice when you got in. We stayed in the water for a bit and then I walked up to sun bake. It was lovely. After the beach mummy said she would buy us an ice cream and a ticket for the merry go round. It was fun. If you bought three tickets you got a free one. We are hoping daddy will buy two more then we will get to go on again!

San Sebastián is known as a great place to visit - without there being much to do (except beach, walk and eat ...perfect for us!)
Yesterday we shared the beach with 10000 "friends" ... so unlike our Tassie beaches (sadly the water temp was more Bridport than Fiji)
Loving the pintxos (tapas) bars, the late night gelato, the old town and the slow mornings... I could get used to this 

Beautiful beaches, sparkling water, memorable sunsets. All described above better than I can but what everyone meant to say was they had a ROSS swim.

PS ... to be fair it was only the adults who had a Ross swim...our kids are far hardier 

PPS's 9.22 pm ....we're heading out for gelati


  1. So the water was a bit cool, and people were just paddling about saying it was too cold to swim, but you went in and showed them how it was done! And then went for an ice cream.

    Food looks great.

  2. Thanks for clearing that up for me Ross!

  3. Hmmm ....Jacki....think you might want to consult with YD and Sooz on this before believing Ross xx

    1. Ok, will do so on Friday, when they come to stay....yay!

  4. What a wonderful time you are all having! Just brilliant. Hope you got the extra ride on the Merry-go-round Kids :-) Enjoy! Mel x

  5. Ok, I'm still puzzling over whose feet are whose in the sandals shot. Is David wearing nailpolish?

  6. yes, please explain the nail polish - or did you run over your toes while driving down a bike track following maggie ?