Tuesday, 13 May 2014

...the bastide towns ...

Day 25, 26 - Monpazier region

Bastide games...a new soccer ball and lots more food sum up our last 48 hours.

Monpazier to Beaumont to Issigeac to Villereal to Monflaquin to Biron and back to Monpazier. 

They're all bastide (or walled) towns, all different and built around 800 years ago and all 15 minutes apart. 

Ideal geography to play word games in the car and keep 3 children (somewhat) fascinated. Of course a beer +/- ice cream in the town square works equally well as a bribe or reward for the walking too. 

Today we visited lots of little towns. Daddy promised it would only be 15 minutes between each one but it was longer because mummy kept taking photos. 
We weren't allowed to read in the car today but I really wanted to because I'm reading Harry Potter. 
When we got home we went to the square and had icecream. Then we played soccer. It was Daddy, Jack and I versing Lily and we won 20-17. 


  1. The towns look beautiful and the pics were worth the stops, Al! Well done Lily for only losing by 3 points when it was 1 against 4!

  2. Gorgeous photos Al - worth the waiting - love the green ball !