Sunday, 11 May 2014

... catching up with Mrs Woody ...

Day 24 ... Around Monpazier 

Our holidays plans are already in disarray; Lily has run out of reading material (suggestions anyone?), Grace has declared museums are boring and only for really old (like 60000 years old) people and Jack continues to hold a very long standing grudge against markets ...sigh!

But yesterday we had a plan to suit everyone...a catch up with one of the teachers from school and her family who are cycling through France (and have less luggage in their panniers than in one of our red bags!!!!).  We even managed a trip to the Sarlat markets to find provisions for our picnic lunch. None of us were brave enough to try foie gras though...maybe next time?

On Saturday it took over one hour to get to the camp ground. Then we went to the market. At the market the girls got lost. Then I got to have a piggy back ride. 

Today we drove to Sarlat to see Mrs Woody and her daughter Josie.  It took about an hour to get to the camp site.  One minute after we arrived we all walked down to the market.  It was really crowded.  We looked at lots of different stalls.  Lily, Josie and I wanted to get a friendship bracelet but we didn't.  After that we went to a park for lunch.  Lily, Jack Josie and I played chasings.  When we had finished we walked back to the camp ground to have a swim.  At first we were jumping in and splashing the parents and then we played Marco Polo.

On Saturday we drove for an hour to Sarlat to see Mrs Woody and and her daughter Josie. They are cycling around France. 
Just after we got there we walked down to the markets to get stuff for a picnic. We looked at lots of different stalls and Grace, Josie and I looked in a lot of different toy shops. We saw some cute bracelets and we almost bought them but we didn't. After that we slowly walked up to the park. 
The fourth picture is of us riding on Mrs Woody's bike. It was fun but a bit unstable. When we got to the park we all played chasings. Then we had to try and guess how much money a bag of dried fruit was. The only clue we got was that it was very expensive. I guessed $34 but it was $51!!!!! That's very expensive for dried fruit. 
When we had eaten too much( not much of the fruit) we walked up to there camp ground, got our bathers, got changed and hopped into the swimming pool. When the grown ups came we played who can get the parents wet. They didn't like it much. Then the grown ups left and Mrs Woody hopped in and we played Marco Polo for ages. When they came back they said they could hear us shouting from where they were. It was awesome!! 
When we said goodbye we were planning to meet up again at EuroDisney. Everyone sort of agreed because Josie's dad Rhys said mummy and daddy could rest and he and Mrs Woody would take us. Yay!!!!:):):)

I have started workbook 2 on counting and am progressing well. The trip to Sarlat created no roundabout issues and there are no motorway tolls in this part of The Dordogne. Policeman Jack was much happier!
Monpazier can be walked around on 15 minutes with stops. My type of town.

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