Thursday, 22 May 2014

....days in the Basque Country ...

Day 34 -35 ... Basque Country

On Tuesday we drove to Guggenheim Museum which is in Bilbao. The Guggenheim Museum is a bit like MONA. I liked looking and going though the sculpture called the matter of time made by Richard Serra.  The sculpture is made out of iron. 
Lily Jack and I got to go though a little maze made of glass ( you had to take you shoes off ).The point of it was trying to the middle of it and pick up the phone inside.  Jack and I banged in to the wall.  The man who went in after us got to the middle and pick up the phone.  
My favourite sculpture was the wish tree. You were allowed to write one.  Mum, Lily and Jack wrote one but Dad and I didn't. After we finished looking at all the sculptures we walked over the road to the park.  It was really big.  A few minutes before we left we got a ice-cream.  We ate it while we were playing ( Jack got his ice-cream all over the slide). 
On Wednesday Mummy found her new favourite cafe it's called GOGOKO GOXUAK.  I had a donut....... It was delicious.  
After we drove to Hondarribia.  We found a park to play at.  When we were leaving Dad drove the car along a bike track (he said he was just checking the car fitted in it).


On Tuesday we drove to Guggenheim Museum which is in Bilbao. We went to see a museum that Mummy said might be a bit like MONA. At first we couldn't find the entrance and when we asked a couple of people where it was they said it was back where we started. 
The first sculpture was called the matter of time. It was a few iron sculptures moulded into tunnels and spaces that you could walk into. It was fascinating looking at them and listening to the audio guide. 
Another really good sculpture was called tulips. It was stainless steel shaped like tulips and in different colours. 
My all time favourite thing was the wishing tree. It was a smallish tree with lots of slips of paper with wishes on them hanging on its branches. Jack, Mum and I made a wish. 
Another of my favourites was a glass maze that you could try and get to the middle. All the kids went in. As soon as we turned the first corner Jack took a wrong turn and ran into the wall. It made a loud noise and was quite funny. It was so loud the whole museum basically shook.  But we didn't get to the middle. When we went in for a second time it was Grace who ran into the wall. 
There was a park next to the museum so after when we left we had a play in the park. The parents said if we stayed in the park for five more minutes we could get an ice cream. Unfortunately Daddy was a bit unfair and said we had eight minutes left and that we had to go back to play. But then he gave in and gave me the money for ice creams. Jack managed to get his all over the slide and himself. Yesterday we went to Hondaribbia. We found an awesome park so we played there for a while. It had huge climbing frames and we played chasing for a bit on them. 
Back at San Sebastian we found Mummy's favourite coffee shop. Grace and I had a doughnut and Jack had a chocolate croissant. Mine was delicious. 

We drove to the Guggenheim museum. At the museum there was a maze that was made of glass. In the maze me andGrace  crashed into the walls. At the front of the museum was a giant puppy that daddy thought was a cat. Outside there was a playground. 

I love Spain...I love it because when you get to the end of a toll road there is a man to hand your ticket and money to...a man who smiles, does not reject a genuine euro note, will take any credit cards and is not even interested in Medicare cards. 

I also love Spain as being here means I do not have to deal with Medicare co-payments or the media and therefore everyone can see the stellar media performance by Bastian.

1.  3
2.  Wishing Tree (Yoko Ono)
3.  Puppy (Jeff Koons)
4.  Tulips (Jeff Koons) 
5.  They belong in a circus 

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