Thursday, 15 May 2014

... last days in the Dordogne ...

Day 28, 29 - Dordogne region

We drove to the river. We took a van to the drop off place. We had to paddle 15 km. I was in the canoe with Grace and Daddy. I mostly did all the work. Mummy wasn't doing much work and neither was Grace. We stopped for lunch. We had a walnut pie- it was yummy. It had caramel under the walnuts. When we were just going to go we saw a water snake. 
Yesterday we went to Castelnaud. The catapaults were very big except one that was small. We had to play a game about rescuing a prisoner. Lily and Grace lost a life but I didn't. I got a poster of the castle. 

For the past few days we have been very busy. On Wednesday we had three icecreams!! The first one we had at Sarlat. We got to choose two different flavours. I chose raspberry and chocolate. It was yummy! 
Then we drove to Castelnaud. It was really fun looking at all the weapons and armour. We had a look at a video that showed you how to use the catapaults. One thing I learnt from it is that they could only fire two shots every hour! In one of the rooms the was a game and you had to rescue a person to win a prize. We had three lives and Grace and I lost ours but Jack won(with my help). He won a poster which had the castle on it. When we got back to the square where we were staying we went to have an ice cream. I had salted caramel. It was yummy! 
For dinner we went to Galerie M. I had pasta it was really yummy. For dessert we had icecream. I had chocolate. 
On Thursday we drove down to the river to get a van to where the boats were. Mummy and I were in a boat and the other three were in another. We had to paddle 15km. A bit after halfway we stopped to have a late lunch. The bread, tapenade, tomato dip, avocado and cheese were yummy but the yummiest thing was the walnut pie. It was delicious!!! It had caramel down the bottom and walnuts up the top.
Just before we left a group of paddlers came in and just as they were about to land some kind of water snake came up and all the girls on the canoes screamed. It was freaky and funny at the same time. As we left we raced each other to the end. Everyone sort of agreed that Mummy and I won except for Jack. When we got back to the place where we were staying we sat down on the chairs and either read, played on devices or something else. A bit later we all went out for ice cream. I had salted caramel again. I just love it!!!

Today we drove to Port D'Enveaux to hire some canoes. We took a bus to our starting point. Daddy, Jack and I were in one canoe. Mummy and Lily were in the other one. The canoe trip was 15km. My favourite part was lying down and watching while Daddy and Jack paddled.
We stopped just near a bridge for lunch. We had bread, cheese, avocado and tapenades. Then when we finished we had a walnut pie. It had caramel all through it and walnuts- it was delicious. 
When we were getting back in the canoes I spotted a sea snake. I was a bit scared to get back in the canoe in case there was another one. 
Yesterday we went to Castelnaud. It's an old castle and is really big. We got to see lots of the weapons they used to use to defend it from attackers. Lily, Jack and I played a computer game where you had to rescue someone. We had 3 lives. Lily went first and died. I did the same. Then Jack was the last one and he won a prize. He had to remember a password to tell the lady at the ticket office to get the prize. The password was Alix de Turenne. The prize was a poster of the castle. 

As someone who, according to Jack, didn't do much paddling today, I'm wondering why my shoulders are so very achy already ... lucky the current actually did most of the hard yards!! I'm hoping the sparkling rose we're having with dinner tonight (escalopes de poulet avec creme et I know you're all only reading to find out about the food!) will ease the aches. 
The river was beautiful today...we floated down the river past deep green forests, tiny towns and huge chateaux sitting atop rocky outcrops. We actually paddled right past the places we visited yesterday. 
I'm very grateful to my Instagram friends who recommended the Jardins de Marqueyssac (top photo) ... the topiary was crazy beautiful ... all done with hand shears as the electric ones are too harsh on the leaves apparently. 
We leave for Spain tomorrow morning. So far David had driven 1261 km to my none...I'm fairly sure the odds won't be improving tomorrow (the shoulders!). He's called our GPS Margaret and is bring very careful to do everything she says!!

My children make me laugh. I did not call the GPS Margaret, I wanted to call it Gwendoline.


  1. Lovely blog entry everyone, it really made me smile.

  2. Loving the blog Ally, especially the Posts from the kids - too sweet! This Garden is incredible!!! Mel x